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Real Life Pin

Thankfully I saw this photo on Pinterest a while back. My jeans were worn through and the holes were getting bigger by the day.

A last minute dinner invite to a friends house meant I needed a quick fix so that I looked slightly more presentable.

Time: 15 minutes

Cost: $0. Lace was in my stash.

Difficulty: Easy

  • Turn jeans inside out and lie the fabric as flat as possible (bearing in mind that as it gets worn through, it’ll lose it’s shape in the process, so close enough is good enough).
  • Draw around the hole with “no more pins”. Using real pins was just super fiddly and I needed something quick. This will wash out too, so you still need to sew the lace on.
  • Stick on the lace and wait a couple of minutes for it to dry a bit. I was impatient so just stitched beside it. Sew using zig-zag stitch. I found it handy to do the top and bottom first (lifting the foot and snipping threads between repositioning), then do the sides ’cause they’re a little fiddly.
  • Turn jeans right way out and trim the hole if needed. Done!

Much better. More chic/modern and less grunge/stick it to the man.

Hoodie from Charislee



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