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Sofa Slip-Cover – During

I’m in the midst of making a slip cover for my pink sofa out of painters canvas drop cloth (new ones, of course).

The couch itself is in great condition, but the pink colour isn’t really to my taste. It was given to me, along with 2 others, so I’m not complaining. Without it we would still be sitting on our horrid old sofa that was not only torn to shreds, but the frame was broken and it stunk of wet dog. Ick.

This project has been on my mind for ages, but felt way too daunting. Would you believe that it’s actually really easy?! I know, it’s weird, but making clothes is way harder than this. I’m even tempted to put this project in the beginners category.

As you can see, there are still 3 cushion covers to go and I’m going to trim up the bottom edge to put a nice skirt around it with some pleats in key spots.

I plan on putting together a good tutorial once I’m finished, for those that are interested. I’ll even include a tutorial on sewing in zips ’cause I’ve finally learnt how to do that properly! Yuss!

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