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Old for New

 The top on the left had been such a favourite of mine. It flattered, disguised flaws and was gorgeous to wear. It seems I wore it too much though and the fabric began to disintegrate. Farewell dear friend.

But I couldn’t let this wonder end up in the bin just yet. It had to go to a greater cause. After carefully unpicking all the seams, I was able to use the old top as a pattern to make a new one in its place!

The remake is silk fabric and such a dream to wear. I’m now on the hunt for more silk tops!

There were a few new techniques I was able to learn along the way, like sewing facings on shoulder seams, so I feel encouraged that whenever you hit a roadblock and don’t know what to do, it can often be an opportunity to learn something new. A handy analogy for life sometimes, don’t you think?

Tip: If you plan on recreating a garment but haven’t done it before, I recommend starting with something that has a simple design first.  Avoid the fully lined, crisply tailored jacket and perhaps start with a simple cotton skirt or summer top.

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Freelance writer, sewing enthusiast, and coffee appreciator living in NZ

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  1. That is very clever, I’ve yet to try using an existing garment to make a new one, always thought it to be to difficult, you’ve made it look easy!


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