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You Little Beauty

1949 Singer Featherweight 221k

Isn’t she just gorgeous?!  I found her at a local market on the weekend for only $30 and she still works like a dream.  I couldn’t leave her behind!

What intricate detailing.

She even packs up into a neat little package when you need to whisk her away to a sewing party.

These often sell for a pretty penny due to being such a great workhorse (and a cute one at that). So I’m a little tempted to sell her on and invest that money into an overlocker, but I’m rather smitten too.

I doubt my cheap Brother machine will be running so well when its 60 years old, that’s for sure! I may just have to keep her.

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Freelance writer, sewing enthusiast, and coffee appreciator living in NZ


    • Thanks! Your new blog looks cute, can’t wait to see what you do with it. I’ll following along 🙂

  1. april

    I cannot believe you found that featherweight for only $30!!! Wow!

    • Me neither! I had no idea what a bargain it was until I got it home. It sews so beautifully. Definitely keeping it now … and keeping an eye out for another for friends/family.


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