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Simplicity 2406

Just in case you didn’t notice, it’s been 3.5  months since my last post *hanging head in shame*.  It’s embarrassing.

I could talk about how busy life is with 2 kids, but Dee still manages to blog despite having 5 kids (her youngest is a newborn!) AND an online shop.  She quashes that excuse with  absolute poise and grace.

So instead of standing here nervously shifting and avoiding eye contact, I’m going to make amends by posting my latest projects to inspire you again.  Hooray!

This is a Simplicity pattern (#2406) and it was good medicine after a few recent sewing failures.  Knowing I didn’t have to formulate a pattern and someone would tell me exactly how to assemble it, made it perfect for boosting the lost morale.

I loved the picture on the packet so much, I went for the same look with just a couple of amendments.

The slit at the back would’ve mean my bra would show and after having 2 kids, going without a bra is … well, awkward for all. Instead, I handstitched that up to where my bra would sit.

I also closed in the holes on the shoulders by making a short sleeve version of the long sleeve dress.

Patterns are fantastic for teaching you new sewing techniques and you can use aspects of each pattern (eg sleeves, waistbands etc) to eventually make your own outfits from scratch. Most of my sewing knowledge has come from working with patterns.

Cost:  $15 (indigo coloured poplin), not including pattern

Difficultly: Intermediate

Time: Without kids around – over a weekend. With kids – numbers lose meaning, but it took me about a month.

Tips: This pattern had a weird pocket tutorial and I ended up reverting to a different technique for that. Also, the sash/belt was too short if I planned to wrap it around twice like the picture shows, so perhaps factor in extra length there. I think I prefer it with a brown belt anyway.

My Rating: 8/10

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