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Celebrate with Bunting

I think I like bunting. Maybe even … REALLY like it.

Up until last week, I thought the whole idea was kinda stupid. In fact, any form of short-term decorating seemed rather pointless when it’s soon to be taken down again and probably discarded. Laziness? Probably. But isn’t it better to spend your energy sewing curtains or painting a wall, than putting up a Christmas tree that will soon be dead? (Despair not, we will cave to the Christmas tree pressure soon enough. The joy of my children always trumps lazy).

Yes, I’m quite the pessimist.

But, I digress. Bunting. Make it once, then use it for every party throughout the many years ahead. Not to mention that it can be hung in mere minutes! This all ensures you are  left with plenty of energy to be exerted elsewhere (like Googling your next door neighbours, filing your nails while watching TV on demand or staring at the toy-strewn lounge with good intentions to tidy it, but no follow through what-so-ever).

But seriously, this stuff is awesome. Bunting on the wall adds an instant festive feel with such little effort. I’ve decided my kids need a string of bunting each and whenever they have a birthday or achievement to celebrate, their bunting can be brought out and hung in their honour.

I read an article a while ago about a family who would raise a flag in honour of someone on their special day. The kids would feel special, loved and generally warm and fuzzy. I reckon that’s cool.

So Poppet had bunting for her recent birthday party and Little Man is sure to have his own too. I’ve even found a special box to keep them in so we can make a big deal of getting them out each time.

Ah, special memories in the making. I can just hear them as teenagers now, mocking me about the bunting that we kept pulling out. But if it helps bolster their self-esteem and the knowledge of how loved they are, it’s totally worth it.

If it doesn’t? At least your parties looked festive and you didn’t have to throw away any more crepe paper streamers.

How to? So-so easy!

Cut a triangle template (25 cm x 25 cm – I just used a pizza box), then use it to cut 20 triangles from various fabrics using pinking shears. Sew these onto a length of ribbon, but make sure you leave a generous length of ribbon at the ends for tying it up. All done in about an hour. Sweet.

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    • Oh Beth, those wedding photos look gorgeous! Your daughter is stunning and I must say, the bunting was just a perfect backdrop. Thanks for sharing!

  1. frillsandfun

    Glad you’ve found your love of bunting! 🙂
    It really is great! And in our house, not just for birthdays. Bunting in a permanent in our kids room & we love it! Fun,cheap, cheery & washable! My fave kind of decor!!! 😀

    • I agree. Fun, cheap, cheery & washable tick all my boxes too! I can see what a great addition it would be to a kids room. Bunting just makes you want to smile 🙂


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