Home Renovation

Well, it’s not a sewing project, but there’s nothing like a good before/after shot of a home renovation job.


We used to have carpet in our dining room.  While that works for some people, we’ve found it ghastly at mealtimes with the kids.  Nacho carpet, anyone?  Not to mention it was becoming threadbare by the french doors.  Many older NZ homes were built with native Rimu timber and I can’t fathom why they would vinyl and carpet over this gorgeous, rich wood.  It deserves to shine!


The vinyl in the kitchen was lifting and I was fed up with tripping over it every day.  Not to mention that it had begun chipping away from the back door area.  

I love the fresh update this adds to our home.

Admittedly, this has been quite the labour of love.  The vinyl was a horror to lift and the remnants of older vinyl and tar had Hubby despairing at my passion for renovating.  It ended up becoming a project for the entire family with my parents and in-laws rolling up their sleeves to help get the job done!

Isn’t family just the best?!

A note of caution if you also plan on lifting vinyl.  Many older vinyls used asbestos backing, so get it tested before you lift it so you can deal with it accordingly.  In NZ, Public Health offer this service for free.

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