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Book Rave: Minxy Vintage

My Christmas present from Hubby finally arrived today.  That’s right, just in time for Valentines Day.  It’s not that he’s been particularly slack, mind you.  This book was only released on 2nd Feb, so I had to wait.  Patiently.

But my day has arrived and what a gem this book is!  I love Kelly Doust after reading her “Crafty Minx” book, now a favourite in my collection.

Minxy Vintage outlines how to spot a genuine vintage (as far back as 1920!) and then how to clean, repair and alter it to make it wearable again.  Because vintage finds are each unique in themselves, Kelly has done well to show examples of “before and afters” without alienating the reader.  Impressive.  There’s nothing worse than reading something like this only to come away feeling like it’s all so unachievable to replicate.

While I’m not sure I’ll ever find anything from the 1920’s in my little corner of the world, I did find that I perused my local market with fresh “minx” eyes this afternoon.  I’m feeling rather inspired.

So if you already enjoy op-shopping and like the thought of giving old garments new life (and I assume you do, ’cause you’re reading this blog!), you’ll want to hunt down a copy of the book for yourself.  It’s a keeper!

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