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Refashion: Yoga Pants to Leggings

Now, I know leggings are so cheap to buy that making some seems a waste of time (unless, of course, you choose to refashion for ethical reasons).  But after being housebound with various ills and chills for what felt like weeks, but may have only been a few days, I needed some sanity sewing.


During the pregnancies, I wore a pair of yoga pants to death.  Reality is they were past their use by date after the first pregnancy, but being pre-stretched to fit for the second pregnancy, how could I resist?!  They really are past it now though and I need some long leggings for winter, so it’s out with the scissors.

Putting the pants on inside out (it’s so much easier to work this way), I pinned up the legs on the outer seams vaguely where I wanted to sew and pinched the waist to fit.  The big waistband was chopped off and I sewed up the sides before trying it on again.  I then fixed any seams that didn’t fit right or had come unstitched over time.  I used a great tutorial found here to make an elasticated and less bulky waistband too.  Voila!  Done in an hour while the kiddies nap and they get to wake up to a happy Mum.

Oh and there was plenty of fabric left over, so I whipped up a cute little headband too.  It’s the same flower tutorial that I used for this project and I stitched it to a heavy serged seam that was chopped off the pants during the refashion.  Bonus!


  1. You know what, I just gave a pair of yoga pants to Salvos, I wish I’d seen your blog post before, and tried this. They look great; such a good idea

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