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Refashion: Skirt to Capelet

During some recent blog surfing, I stumbled upon a Trina Turk Capelet and my heart melted.  I was in love!  Unfortunately, if I wanted to buy one, I was two years too late.

So rather than pine for the capelet that would never be, I got to work on creating one myself.


I picked up a skirt from the thrift store and downloaded this free cape pattern from Fitz Patterns to use as a starting point.  When refashioning a garment, you only get one shot at it, so if making up a pattern, it really pays to use scrap fabric to make some mock ups with first.

Tip:  When pressing out creases from wool fabric, place a damp tea towel on top of the fabric before ironing to avoid doing any damage.  A tip gained from the days of pressing my high school kilt.

So, total cost:  Skirt = $5, buttons = $6.50 (I can’t believe they cost me so much!)

Total = $11.50.  Not bad!!


  1. Elaine

    Wow I love it Trina. It’s even better than I imagined! Great job!

  2. Mandy

    WOW! Styley! It has that high street fashion look which turns heads. Well done!

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  5. Kelly

    Great. Just what I’ve been looking for for the kilt fabric I found at my thrift store. Also love your “play at home mum” tag.

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  7. Nawraa

    I Loved The Final Result ❤ ❤ You Should Consider Collecting Buttons From Old Clothes ^_^ It'd Save You Some Money Doing Other Beautiful Projects ..

    • I like the way you think 🙂 I have since started doing just that. There’s nothing more beautiful than a jar of buttons on a shelf!


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