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Hello Knitty

Whenever winter arrives, I suddenly get the urge to knit something.  Unfortunately, I can’t knit anything more than scarves and one neck can only wear so many in one season!  So here’s something just as easy to try out.

I found this free pattern online a few years back and it’s still my favourite.  When worn tucked under a jacket or cardi, they just look like a long sleeve garment peeping out from beneath and they keep your hands surprisingly warm without the same hinderance as gloves (until you go to the bathroom, but will easily remove and slip back on)

Being very unexperienced in the knitting arena, I can attest to the easiness of this gem and they makes great gifts too!  One ball of wool will make you a pair, as long as you don’t want them reaching to your elbow.

You will also need to splash out on a circular pair of knitting needles, but they’re cheap enough and I’ve made so many of these gloves on them that they’ve been worth the buy.

Don’t let the name of these “voodoo gloves” put you off either.  If it makes you feel better, just call them “who-do gloves” instead 🙂

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