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Shoe Addiction

Kimono Shoes

It’s a grey old day outside and I’m sitting on my bed with a coffee in hand and the bedroom door shut to keep my son and Hubby at bay.  I call this my “no-man cave”.  A reply to my Husband’s “man cave”.

So I’m grabbing this precious moment to finally give you an update on my latest sewing attempts!

I can’t seem to get enough to making shoes for little feet.  These baby & toddler shoes are mega cute!  They only use small scraps of fabric and once you’ve made them a few times can be done in a jiffy.

The shoes you see above are “Kimono Shoes”.  I wanted to see if they’d stay on a toddler (my little one wasn’t “toddling” at that stage) so after much pattern enlarging, made a big pair for myself and they stay on great!  The pattern doesn’t go large enough for a little walker, so you’ll need to play around with it.

If I had a girl, I’d be ripping into this gorgeous “Chinese Slipper” pattern, so instead my friends will have to reap the benefits of this one.  I don’t think they’ll be complaining too much about that though!

There are several great patterns for a versatile shoe that will stay on any little wriggler so I’ve listed all those below for you (most are a pdf format).  All very similar in style, I’ve taken bits I like from each one to create my “ultimate toddler shoe”.

Reversible Shoe
Toddler Shoes

Every time my son wears his shoes, I can’t help but smile … and dream up a design for the next pair.

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  1. Elaine

    these are officially the most gorgeous shoes every – Trina you are so talented and nadia looks stunning in her girly chinese slippers. xx

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