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Love the Style, Hate the Colour?

Baby has discovered how to crawl.  Combine that with a “clingy” phase and not only is the sewing on the backburner, but my fabric printing has been too!  So I’m learning to adapt and cater my projects accordingly.  Enter, the 1/2-hour-wonder-projects!

It’s amazing what you can fit into the quiet moments.  All it took was a brief respite when Hubby had an outing with baby and I was able to do a quick revamp on an item my sister-in-law kindly discarded before heading overseas (thanks C!).



I love the style and drape of this top, but the neutral colour is terrible on my “porcelain” colouring.

I attempted to dye a top a few years ago and all went well until it got rained on or I perspired and the colour would run.  Obviously I erred somewhere, but it put me off dying clothing.  It seems though, that things have evolved a little since that experiment and manufacturers are realising that people don’t want to stand over boiling pots for hours and follow it up with cold water processes to fix the dye in place.  Genius.

Dylon have a great range of dyes that can be used either by hand or in the washing machine.  I used a handwashing variety called “Tulip” for this one and I love how easy it was.  Just add salt to water, mix in the dye and add the fabric.  It only takes about 45 minutes and a couple of stirs along the way.  Rinse and dry.  That’s it.

Of course, check the fabric first because some fabrics are nearly impossible to dye.



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