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DIY Baby Bib

Baby Bib

Baby bibs make great baby shower gifts and if the baby’s gender is a surprise, a gift is easily created by using funky tartans or animal prints that cater for either outcome.

This bib was made from an old duvet so they needn’t cost much at all!

One with good coverage and easy to fit will be invaluable when solids begin, so I’ve drawn up a pdf pattern for you to download and use freely.  It should take up a full A4 page when printed.

Cut 2 of your fabric and for extra absorbency you could put a layer of flannette or old cloth nappy in the middle if desired.

Seam Allowance

Place wrong sides together (if opting for an extra layer, place this on the top) and sew around the edge leaving the bottom open at the marks.  For a seam allowance, use the machine foot as a guide (as shown).

Clip edges

Clip the curved edges, turn inside out through the space in the bottom and press.  Top stitch around the edge, sewing the opening closed as you go and attach your choice of fastener at the spots marked on the pattern.  Velcro allows a semi-adjustable neckline and domes or snaps don’t get tangled in the laundry, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

It’s as easy as that!

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