DIY Wall Decals

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I love blog surfing.  It starts with finding a great blog that I peruse for an hour or so, before I get distracted by their exciting looking blog roll and I spend another few hours scrolling through all those blogs too.

A wonderful time waster but it’s so inspiring!  There are so many talented people out there.

It was one such expedition that I found “How About Orange” and her wall decal post.  At first it seemed quite astounding that you could iron stiffened fabric onto a wall.  I mean, how did someone even discover that?  Was it by accident?  Yet, I’m loving the idea.  How cute would an elephant shape or child’s name on a nursery wall look, cut from your favourite fabric.  It’s genius!

It won’t damage your walls, removes easily and means you don’t have to spend big $$’s on fancy store bought decals.

Check out her post here for more inspiration and a full tutorial.  I haven’t tried it yet but it has quickly made it onto my to-do-list!  Not to mention the blog has become a new fav of mine too.  Thanks Jessica!

Shoe Addiction

Kimono Shoes

It’s a grey old day outside and I’m sitting on my bed with a coffee in hand and the bedroom door shut to keep my son and Hubby at bay.  I call this my “no-man cave”.  A reply to my Husband’s “man cave”.

So I’m grabbing this precious moment to finally give you an update on my latest sewing attempts!

I can’t seem to get enough to making shoes for little feet.  These baby & toddler shoes are mega cute!  They only use small scraps of fabric and once you’ve made them a few times can be done in a jiffy.

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Upcycle that Cardigan!



Over Christmas, a visit from my very stylish sister saw me introduced to Junky Styling.  It’s a London based store that takes unwanted clothing and creatively transforms it into something funky and desirable.

If you have a cardigan at home you don’t like, then this look won’t cost you anything and can even be done by hand if you don’t own a sewing machine.

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Toddler Sundress


I’ve had 6 friends give birth in the last 5 months, so there’s been a lot of time spent trawling the internet for great home-sewn gift ideas.

This Made by Petchy sundress is one of my favorites and it’s so easy to make (even better)!  Her blog is also worth browsing through for some other great ideas and the links can see you surfing blissfully for hours.

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