A Liebster Award

I realise that I’m totally biased here, but I think my readers rock. You guys are seriously awesome! You are always so encouraging and let’s be honest … we do have a whole lotta fun around here.

One of these sweet readers, Kat from SeeKatSew, has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Before you get excited and start planning your red carpet outfit for escorting me to the LA awards ceremony … it’s not that kinda award. This is a fun award that people offer to their favourite bloggers as a way of saying “your blog is awesome and keep it up”. So it’s real sweet right? Thanks Kat!


While I’m not usually one to take part in these awards (they often feel like chain letters), I did enjoy reading more about Kat with her award. It’s like a little peek into someone’s world. So I thought I’d share the fun and answer the questions she gave me. Continue reading

How to Shorten a Kilt or Pleated Skirt

It’s the beginning of the first school term here in NZ and with that comes school uniforms. Many colleges (high schools) require girls to wear kilts and sometimes these need alteration.

How to shorten a kilt tutorial | Offsquare.com

Kilts come and go from fashion trends too, so of course this tutorial may be handy for refashionistas too.


Hello popular-UK-store-selling-skirts-similar-to-the uniform-I’m-altering! Awkward. Continue reading


behind the scenes

There’s a lot happening in behind the scenes here at the moment. Some exciting things and some stressful … but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

On the exciting side: I’m currently working on my first downloadable PDF pattern, which I hope you’ll all love. More details to come once I’m at the pattern testing stage ;)

There’s a refashion on the go here. Of course.

Super exciting: We may be heading to the USA for a few weeks this year! The kids will be meeting a whole lot of extended family for the first time ever and we’re so excited. However, a total of 22 hours flying time each way is a little daunting with kids in tow, so any travel tips will be gratefully received! People do this all time, so I’m sure it’ll be fine … or so I tell myself.

On the stressful side: Without giving away too much, we’ve decided to restructure a venture and there is a lot to do. I’m learning lots about myself and dealing with stress. Some good and some not. The cool thing is, I’ve just started running (again. I go through phases, but I’ll try to make it stick this time) and I’m seeing a correlation between that and life. When I reach the halfway mark and I turn to head home, the end seems so far away and I want to give up. I don’t think I can keep up the pace and get to the end without keeling over. But a very talented athlete at church said yesterday

“look after the process and the result takes care of itself”

So that’s what I did during my run this morning. I didn’t look at how far away the end was. Instead, I focused on my posture, the fall of my feet and making it through the next 100 metres. And I did it! I ran further than I think I ever have in my life.

So, during this momentary (possibly stressful) season, I’m not looking at the end goal and getting overwhelmed. I’m focussing on the process. Looking at the small steps along the way and doing those well. I’m more calm for it and my family prefers me that way too ;)

2013 in Review

Can you believe it’s the end of 2013?! Crazy.

Every year at this time, NZ essentially shuts down for a month and the whole country goes on holiday mode. Everyone is extra relaxed and happy … it’s awesome (unless you want a job done. Then it’s frustrating).

While I’m not one for making New Year resolutions, I do get kinda reflective at this time of year. Looking back on the past year and forward to the coming year.

Here is a recap of my favourite posts from 2013:

Offsquare.com | Refashion a batwing top into a skirt. I could do this!Batwing top to a skirt. I love the transformation on this one and it was surprisingly easy.

offsquare.com | How to Replace a Metal Button on Jeans

You’ll be surprised by how many people seem to Google this! I hate shopping for jeans though, so I totally get it. Anything to extend the life of a favourite pair.

offsquare.com | Refashioning blog with tutorials for each one

Refashion Runway was serious fun!

Denim Jacket refashion

The denim jacket was featured in a UK magazine. Exciting!


I still love this dress and it gets worn a ridiculous amount.

2013 was a whole lotta fun and 2014 should see plenty more sewing and refashioning around here.

I’m also hoping to do more freelance writing once my lad starts school (eek!) mid year, but I may just share with you the articles that are actually relevant here. Yeah, you’re welcome. But if things get quiet around here sometimes, it’s because I’m writing and trying to convince Hubby that this is a legitimate career choice!

May 2014 hold many dreams coming true for you and I hope you stay in touch.

Katrina xoxo